“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” 


 - William Wordsworth

Writing - Since I am 8 but now I can call myself published!

  • Master thesis "Re-Imagine Belonging - On Plural Identities and the Danger of a Solitarist World View. A critical view on Samuel P. Huntington ́s The Clash of Civilizations? and Amartya Sen ́s Identity and Violence.” (FU Berlin, 2013)
  • Bachelor thesis "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky Land of the Eternal Blue Sky? Critical Tourism Research on Nomadic Heritage in Present Day Mongolia - Reflections on cultural shifts, changing landscapes and domestic travel motivations of the young urban generation" (Nominated for the Joop Jansen Award 2012)
  • Several music video scripts and story lines
  • At present I am working on a book project


Here is a selection of my writings: