"Closer to the Ocean" 


“An ethereal voice that touches you deeply. Her songs, which almost seem to float, breathe her personality and at the same time create a space in which the listeners can meet themselves again. A real insider tip! "


Sarah Desai

Mindfulness and Meditation Coach




“That is very magical music. A longing music. But a good longing, not a depressing longing. [...] A bright, clear voice which conveys a lot of feeling and also conveys a feeling of space. With this album you can already dream of the sea."






“This is the kind of music - with all its openness and inner changeability - that absorbs the listener's attention and relaxes his tired nerves. It's worth listening to the album without expecting anything, without immersing yourself in expectations, to just be there. Because it is not only beautiful music full of interesting sounds, but also a stimulus to think deeply about what is - now and here. " 



"The two-year stay in the Canary Islands still feels so recent to her – even though Indra Bahía has been back in her hometown Berlin now already for quite some time...


The vastness of the sky and the water just don’t seem to let go of her so easily. Maybe that is exactly why she has decided to call her second album “Closer to the Ocean” (Release: 14.05.). In 10 songs she skillfully expresses a wide range of emotions; emotions that accompanied her during her life on the islands.


Almost naturally, Indra Bahía’s pop, soul and R&B album begins with the sound of waves (“Oceanic Symphony”) and profound lines (“Saccidananda”), some of which are in ancient Sanskrit. At times the singer shows her vulnerable and more humble side (“Made of Mercy”), at other times she appears strong, trustful and comforting (“Lay Your Head”).


The well-traveled 32-year-old, who has spent a long time in various places in Europe, North Africa, North America, Asia and Australia, is also concerned with more serious issues such as remorse and reconciliation (“My Sunshine”).


Again and again she celebrates the sublimity of love (“More than just a Word”, “Beyond the Sky”). In the grande finale (“Giveaway”) Indra sings promisingly: “Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay, love isn’t love until you give it away.” Without a doubt, “Closer to the Ocean” portrays an ocean of feelings as far and deep as one can dare to imagine."



(Bangup Bullet, 2021)




Indra Bahia is a Berlin-based singer, songwriter and creative producer. Her debut album "Across the Bay & Beyond" (2018) is a well-rounded pop/ folk record with r'n'b, bossa nova and soul elements. Deeply influenced by her own nomadic heritage and spirituality, Indra writes about identity, freedom, travel, love and self-realization. She also loves water.


Recently she also became a member of a special choir who sings in hospices and accompanies the dying.


Her second album "Closer to the Ocean" was released on May 14, 2021.

The first single "Lay Your Head" came out on Feb 26th and the second single "Giveaway" on April 16th.


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Across the Bay & Beyond

"Across the Bay & Beyond" is my first album about travel, soul searching, love and eventually finding that treasure on a magic desert island... 


It is available on all online stores here.

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"A wonderful album

brimming with the brightest talent

 you have heard in a long while." 


- Jayadev John Richardson, The Rubettes