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Get in the divine holiday state of consciousness with Indra Bahia's long-awaited 10-track debut album 'Across the Bay & Beyond'.


Also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


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"A wonderful album

brimming with the brightest talent

 you have heard in a long while." 


- Jayadev John Richardson, The Rubettes

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Faiths in Tune präsentiert:

Interreligiöses Winterkonzert



Faiths In Tune lädt ein zu einem Adventskonzert der besonderen Art: mit Musik verschiedener Religionen und Länder bringen wir Licht in die dunklen Wintertage und feiern neben dem Beginn der Weihnachtszeit auch andere Feiertage der Jahreszeit wie Chanukkah, Diwali und Mawlid. U.a. mit Gospelchor Gospel Motion, Indra Bahia & Band, Jazzpianist Adrian Zendeh, Soulsänger Izzy Amuw, Kantor Jochen Fahlenkamp, Fo Guang Shan und dem Sufi-Zentrum Rabbaniyya.



So. 1. Dezember 2019, 18:00 Uhr

ufaFabrik Berlin, Theatersaal


Eintritt: 16 €, Ermäßigt: 12 €


 "One step away from lightening..."


In Memory of

the beautiful, delicate & unbelievably deep


Astrid North


(Berliner Soul- and RnB-Sängerin, 1973-2019)



Past Events



4. FAITHS IN TUNE @ Ufa-Fabrik, 

Berlin-Tempelhof, 22.9.2019


Mantras @ Yogavidya, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 15.9.2109

10th World Assembly for Religions for Peace, Lindau am Bodensee, 20.-23.8.2019 


Amstel Backyard Sessions @

AmstelHouse Berlin-Moabit, 26.7.2019


Einheitsfest @ Bühne auf der Str. des 17. JuniBerlin-Tiergarten, 3.10.2018

3. Berliner Festival der Religionen Faiths in Tune @ Ufa Fabrik Berlin-Tempelhof, 16.9.2018 

Liederlauschen Festival @ Helmholtzplatz, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, 2.9.2018


Based on a True Story Concertshow @ BühnenrauschBerlin-Prenzlberg, 29.7.2018


Rathayatra Festival 2018 @ Brandenburger Tor, Berlin-Mitte, 21.7.2018


Fete de la Musique (Official Opening) @ Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin-Lichtenberg, 20.6.2018


Sommerfest @ Flüchtlingsheim Berlin-Tempelhof, 18.6.2018


Balcony TV @ Bikini Hotel Berlin, 25.5.2018 (Videoshoot and Interview, see here)


Album Release Concert @ Zimmer 16, Berlin-Pankow, 6.5.2018 

Opener for The Pathheights @ Prachtwerk Berlin-Neukölln, 11.8.17

Rathayatra @ Brandenburg Gate Berlin-Mitte, 29.7.2017


Faiths in Tune (Indra Bahia Band) @ Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin-Neukölln, 15.7.2017 

Faiths in Tune Berlin (Kirtan) @ Werkstatt der Kulturen, 16.7.2017

G20 Interfaith @ Kongresshotel Potsdam, 17.6.2017


One World Poetry Night Hosted by Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo @ Berlin-Kreuzberg, 8.4.2017 

"Across the Bay & Beyond" Album CD


1 CD "Across the Bay & Beyond" (Debut Album)

Artist: Indra Bahía

Number of Tracks: 10


Year of Release: 2018 


Wasserdicht-eingeschweißtes Digipac inkl. CD-Booklet (28-Seiten) mit allen Songtexten (in Englischer Originalsprache)

Plus Lieferkosten (Innerhalb Deutschlands 1,55 Euro)



Waterproof shrink-wrapped digipac incl. 28-page lyrics booklet

Shipping fees apply (Worldwide shipping 5,00 Euro)


15,00 €

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Indra Bahía is a musical artist, performer and writer from Berlin.


Neatly tucked into the cozy comfort zone of post-modern suburbia she had everything she could possibly ask for: The latest Backstreet Boys record, exotic Japanese plum-flavored candy and even a birthday trip to Disneyland Paris! - But how could it be? Somehow she felt a bit empty inside... 

And so, just before another Monday launched into another week she decided to leave the daily grind and escape the urban hamster wheel she was so good at running in.


Out! Let me out! - And within the blink of an eye she turned around and plopped into the warm sand.

Here were no distractions, no futile endeavors, no traffic, no noise pollution and no thought pollution. In the silence of a magic desert island she learned how to breathe again, and eventually, after long hours of deep meditation and musical fine-tuning a life-changing epiphany called her back into the real world. 


Her long-anticipated debut album 'Across the Bay & Beyond' is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify


Indra is also a fan of Ancient Vedic mantra music and yoga. She recently became a member of a special choir who sings in hospices and accompanies the dying.