Connecting the Dots

As the child of many teachers I am passionate about sharing knowledge with others.
I'm an Intercultural Educator M.Ed., certified Diversity Trainer, Mindful Masters Coach, Interreligious Peer and disciple in an ancient lineage of Bhakti yogis (the yoga of loving devotion).
My study field and expertise lie in topics of identity, anti-discrimination and Ancient Indian yoga philosophy (and for those interested, breatharianism). The aim and focus of my work is to contribute to healing discourses by adding a transcendental dimension based on Vedic wisdom literature and my own life experiences. In all that I do, I strive to devote myself to the essence of things.

Here is a selection of talks, workshops and services I offer:

Talks & Workshops

Interreligious Music Performances

 Diversity Training for Teachers

International Conferences

Bhagavad Gita Workshops

Hinduism / Vedic Workshops

Workshops by Interreligious Peers

Music Workshops

Bardo Choir (Hospice)

Temple Lectures

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