No Flower is Born to Bloom Unseen

Private Session via Phone Call, 60min


You want to take your creative project to the next level?

But you don’t even call yourself an artist yet?

Okay, we need to talk.


Invest in your Creative Expression.

Invest in Yourself.


This is for You if…


- You have ideas for your music/ book/ art project but...

- You don’t know where to start.

- Somehow you don’t seem to find the time for it.

- You crave guidance, focus and discipline.

- You want to fully believe in yourself  (and your talent).

- You need someone to encourage you.

- You'd like someone to check on your progress.

- You are ready to stop procrastinating and step up.


Together we work on:


- Your Goal Setting (The goal is specifically tailored to your art project)

- How to actually stick to the Goal

- Your Self-Belief & Confidence

- Your Artist Identity

- Your Performance & Presentation


Flower Child, Dreamer, Free Spirit - Could this be You?


Contact me for an empowering kickstart session to start tapping into your own reSOURCEs.

If you like to add follow-up sessions, please ask about my package deals. Regular monthly sessions are discounted.


It's time to bloom!


Tell me a little bit about yourself, your idea, and what you like to work on. I will get back to you asap. Ask me for the exclusive introductory price.


As a DIY indie artist, singer, burnout survivor and creative "late bloomer" I went through a set of challenges you might feel familiar with:


Fear, self-doubt, perfectionism, procrastinating, laziness, confusion about my place in the world and my purpose in it, indecision, emotional insecurities, blockages, and last but not least: the false ego.


Hmm, not easy to admit. But I know that it is never too late to grow, bloom and live your dreams - Because now I am living mine. 


I have received training in Tourism Management BBA, Intercultural Education M.Ed, Bhakti Yoga / Ancient Indian philosophy, Reclaim the Arts (educational youth project on contemporary art), music, DIY musicianship and anti-racism empowerment. Also I'm a certified diversity trainer for schools and radio host.


A lot of people tell me I am: Enthusiastic, inspiring, confident, positive, funny and bold (for living my dreams). 


Now let me help you with living yours!