"Every minute is a chance to change the world."


- Dolores Huerta, US American civil rights activist

Your Audiovisual Content Crack - What makes me the perfect catch?

  • During the last 8 years I've gained very practical hands-on expertise in conceptualizing, planning, shooting, directing and editing videos (incl. filming permits, color correction and keeping the cast motivated)
  • I work with the latest equipment and software in high quality video resolution only (4K)
  • I am a very audio-visual person with a strong disposition for aesthetics
  • I am experienced in multi-cam live streaming
  • I want you to shine and will do my utmost to present you in the best light possible
  • As a female videographer I work discretely and intuitively, ready to capture your most soulful moments for eternity

Here is a selection of my most recent filming & editing work:

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I am a bi-lingual videographer, creative producer and musician based in Berlin, Germany.

Tell me about you and your idea.