Big city, little island girl...

Indra Bahia is a Berlin-based singer, writer, creative producer, diversity trainer and teacher. Over 7 years during her golden twenties she has lived in 7+ countries until she returned to Berlin in 2017. Her debut album "Across the Bay & Beyond" (2018) is a well-rounded pop/ folk record with r'n'b, bossa nova and soul elements. Deeply influenced by her own nomadic heritage and spirituality, Indra writes about identity, freedom, self-realization and the never-changing but ever-challenging search for love and truth.


Besides giving classes on yoga philosophy and Hinduism, Indra is a member of a special choir that sings in hospices and accompanies the dying.

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"Neatly tucked into the cozy comforts of post-modern suburbia I had everything I could possibly ask for. But still, despite everything that was happening on the outside, I felt empty on the insideAnd so, just before another Monday launched into another week I decided to leave the daily grind, the urban jungle and escaped the hamster wheel I was so good at running in...


Out!  And within the blink of an eye I turned around and plopped into the warm sand: Here were no distractions, no futile endeavors, no traffic, no noise pollution and perhaps most importantly, no thought pollution. In the silence of the newly found desert island I learned how to breathe again, and eventually, after long hours of deep meditation and musical fine-tuning a life-changing epiphany called me back into the real world..."


My long-awaited debut album "Across the Bay & Beyond" talks about the incredible adventures of those marvelous years I spent on the Canary Islands. "Across the Bay & Beyond" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.


You can also buy the Limited Edition hardcopy CD with lyric booklet.




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