Big city, little island girl...

Indra Bahia is a Berlin-based singer, songwriter, videographer, creative producer and diversity trainer. Her debut album "Across the Bay & Beyond" (2018) is a well-rounded pop/ folk record with r'n'b, bossa nova and soul elements. Deeply influenced by her own nomadic heritage and spirituality, Indra writes about identity, freedom, travel, love and self-realization. She also loves water.


She is a member of a special choir who sings in hospices and accompanies the dying.

Her second album "Closer to the Ocean" was released on May 14, 2021.


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Neatly tucked into the cozy comforts of post-modern suburbia she had everything she could possibly ask for. But still, despite everything that was happening on the outside, she somehow felt a bit empty on the inside.

And so, just before another Monday launched into another week Indra decided to leave the daily grind, the urban jungle and escape the hamster wheel she was so good at running in...


Out! And within the blink of an eye she turned around and plopped into the warm sand: Here were no distractions, no futile endeavors, no traffic, no noise pollution and perhaps most importantly, no thought pollution. In the silence of the newly found desert island she learned how to breathe again. Finally. And eventually, after long hours of deep meditation and musical fine-tuning a life-changing epiphany called her back into the real world...


Her long-anticipated debut album 'Across the Bay & Beyond' talks about the incredible adventures of her marvelous years spent on the Canary Islands. Her songs are in English with elements of Sanskrit, Bengali and Mongolian and talk of travel, freedom, self-realization and the wish to transcend it all. "Across the Bay & Beyond" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.



Click here to buy the Limited Edition hardcopy CD with lyric booklet directly from the Online Store.