Indra Bahía is a musical artist, performer and writer from Berlin.


Neatly tucked into the cozy comfort zone of post-modern suburbia she had everything she could possibly ask for: The latest Backstreet Boys record, Japanese candy and a birthday trip to Disneyland Paris. - But how could it be? Somehow she felt a bit empty. 

And so, just before another Monday launched into another week she decided to leave the daily grind and escape the urban hamster wheel she was so good at running in.


Out! Let me out! - And within the blink of an eye she turned around and plopped into the warm sand.

Here were no distractions, no futile endeavors, no traffic, no noise pollution and no thought pollution. In the silence of the desert she learned how to breathe again, and eventually, after long hours of deep meditation and musical fine-tuning a life-changing epiphany called her back into the real world. 


Her long-anticipated debut album 'Across the Bay & Beyond' is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.