Durch Musik verbunden

Manchmal fragen mich Leute ob ich weitere Künstler*innen kenne, die moderne Musik mit spirituellen Texten machen. Hier ist eine Liste mit (teilweise befreundeten) Musiker*innen, deren Melodien und Messages mich immer wieder (zum Tanzen) bewegen. 


Viel Spaß beim Hören, Träumen & Tanzen!


Willow Smith & Jahnavi Harrison

Absolute dream collabo.

Deep wisdom, harmonizing vocals and catchy melodies.

You hear and feel the love in this project which is hopefully just the first of many to come!

MC Yogi

Super famous! If you don't know him already, you will now be submerged in his flow...

Also he wrote a heart touching autobiography, teaches yoga and creates art 360 degrees! 



Groove machine with a lot of soul - Or Soul inside a groove machine? Hehe. Former monk from NYC. I'm still recovering from one of his shows with Antarma (in London).

The Indelibles

Also known as The Wicked Hangin Chads, this family band pretty much feels like family to me! We met in Boston and I can't wait to see them again! Music is literally their life. 

Reggae, Ska, and Dub with a message for humanity. 





Billy Holiday's soul in the body of a skinny young English lad? Yes, it's possible. 

Important BTW: There are a million more videos on his FB page: facebook.com/kelisklips


No words can do justice to her, her music and this epic video. 

Dhanya is the daughter of two-time Latin Grammy winner, Ilan Chester and wife to musician Bali Rico from the Mayapuris. I warned you: You will be blown away.

Hari Kirtan/ Babaji (Band)

When we met in London "back in the day", this sweet soul literally saved my life and taught me one of the most important things in life: To make music with my heart & soul.

Jake Emlyn

London singer with talent from Outer Space. Mentored by Robbie Williams, then embarked on his own spiritual journey. Also check out his song "Swimming", one of my favorites.

Malini & The Soul Sound Co.

I met this one of a kind singer in London after completing my yoga course (and she was about to start hers). Originally from Sweden, she is a star whose soulful music gets under my skin. Goosebumps every time.


Original eclectic American Music born out of an American experience. Songs by singer-songwriter/ guitarist Michael Cassidy and his partner in crime Joie Frye. His first release, "A Change of Heart" (1976), was a landmark album for this genre and a breakthrough for devotee songwriters. More on www.averagesoul.net


Growing up in a mix of London street culture, spiritual circles, festivals and squats, Antarma first turned his energy to music & mantras to help him find strength to meet his own struggles.

Kula Shaker


Psychedelic rock band from the UK hit with Ancient Indian philosophy. Yes, they still exist - thank God!



George Harrison

My favorite Beatle. Visionary, gentle, moving songwriter, singer, seeker and gardener! Don't miss to read his autobiography!




Legendary heart core punk rock from NY. Straight edge front singer Ray Cappo aka Raghunath Das now runs a successful podcast called "Wisdom of the Sages" and teaches yoga. Highly recommended, also for softies like me. If you like more hardcore check out the band "108".

Global Party People

Sri & Joakin are high energy! Watch out for EDM, electro kirtan and a lot of fun.



Mikey Jay 108

Before we met (online) I already knew and cherished his music and art work.

Brillant lyrics and dope beats that reflect a beautiful mind and wisdom beyond his years.

Suzana Horvat (Croatia)

The Norah Jones of Croatia! Signed to Aquarius Records Zagreb she sings in the local Croatian language, but those who understand, they will understand. And those who don't speak Croatian will still appreciate her mesmerizing voice and beautiful music videos.


Markandeya (Germany)

Tiefsinnige Texte mit Charme und Humor (ja, auf Deutsch).

Sein Album hatte ich auf Dauerschleife. Hier einer meiner Lieblingssongs ("Endstation").




Wenn du jemanden kennst, der/die auch auf diese Liste sollte, dann schreib mir sehr gerne hier.